@Jordan-Brown It's more of a general overview before the "how to starts". The one's who don't need context and just the how to can just jump to it. Most of the video's I see nowadays have them broken up into segments with a title at each topical change point so noone is stuck watching info they don't need in a longer video. The videos can be longer but because they are broken up and identified with topics you can just pick what you need. So one, I don't want to waste a more experienced user with info they don't want on an explanation but I feel that feature could solve that issue for them.
For me, at this point, I would like the video to NOT start with "we are going to show you how to do X. First go to the ....then select ...."
I would suggest that the videos start with something like,
"We are going to show you how to do X". X is quite a beneficial feature for those of you looking to do x, y, z in a B scenario. Typically our users leverage this feature to provide X, Y Z because they need to be able to track "T". You might also want to use X in the case of P if you are an enduser needing to manage "B". Now that we know some uses for X let's look at how to install it."
Thanks for your consideration.